Discipline and self study, passion and integrity 
I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching yoga for 2 years. I have traveled the world and study with many different teachers. I can say without hesitation that Eleonora is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever come across. Despite the fact that she is a lovely person with a beautiful energy, she is extremely knowledgable. She has the depth of yogic knowledge and understanding that can only be cultivated over many years, with much discipline and self study. You can tell that she has put in the personal work to take her teachings to a much deeper and more meaningful level than most. I have also worked with Eleonora professionally, as I was Director of a yoga school where we partnered on Trainings and program creation. She is very professional, reliable and a wonderful collaborator full of passion and integrity! Eleonora, you are a true gem, thank you for inspiring me to go deeper in my practice, you have made me a better student and a better teacher, I am forever grateful.
Cristina NavarettaYoga Teacher & Business Consultant
Balanced outside of the Yoga room
Eleonora is an incredible instructor with an authentic presence that commands attention. Her spiritual vitality and passionate fervour keep me connected in the practice and provide a sense of purpose on the mat. Eleonora has an exceptional ability to personally support each student in a group setting while keeping attentive to breathing and posture detail. After just a few classes, I’ve already noticed myself better balanced and poised in and outside of the yoga room--my ‘uddiyana bandha’ is rejuvenated!
Anastascia DuchesseAuthor, Pasadena - California
From Antioch University, Los Angeles
I had the wonderful opportunity to practice with Eleonora during a recent study abroad class with Antioch University Los Angles at the Institut Vajra Yogini in Marzens, France. The course was 'The Integration of Buddhism and Psychology: East and West join in France'. Eleonora was our yoga instructor and we were so impressed by her passion and wisdom she has for the practice. In that short 7 day course, I learned more from Eleonora about the practice of yoga and the right positioning than I have in the 10+ years I have practiced yoga in the States. Thank you very much, we will never forget our experience with you.
AndreaStudent, Los Angeles - California
The indomitable will
I have been practicing Yoga with Eleonora for two years now. I took my first class soon after I was diagnosed with systemic lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects the joints (and, therefore, the whole body mobility). Since then, I have started going to Eleonora’s classes regularly, with the obvious intention of slowing my joints' degeneration (as much as it was possible). The physical limitations I had when I started have nothing to do with who I am today - not only I have managed to slow down the weakening and stiffening process I was going through, but I am every day more flexible, agile, capable and strong. And since the improvement is constant, I now aspire to much more! A decision based on the need to improve my physical fitness, in fact, has soon become also an unexpected source of emotional balance, mental awareness and energy control. As Mahatma Gandhi said, ``Strength does not come from physical capacity; it comes from an indomitable will.`` I’ve always had an indomitable will, but I used to loose far too much energy in the process of achieving my goals, with the result that I’ve often managed to reach them, but I’ve also ended up being truly exhausted. Today, instead, thanks to my yoga practice and to Eleonora, I have learned how to manage my energy and resources in a way that allows me to be more productive and effective, and at the same time more gentle with myself. I hope I will continue on this path for a very long time. Thanks Eleonora.
MercheWebmaster, Barcelona - Spain
Dear Eleonora… (from a YTTC student)
Dear Eleonora, once again I want to say thank you from the heart for being our teacher, challenging us from time to time, but always having so much love. Just feel so humbled and grateful for having such a strong and cool woman as my guide through this experience. When you don’t expect anything the best things come to you and that was just the way. It couldn’t have been any better. You taught me to trust my intuition even more and let go of judging myself and feeling that I am not enough...well it’s an ongoing journey but a good start. I also learned to let things and people go, especially my grandmother and since I realised this the pain in my hips are nearly gone which I had since her death.... crazy! See you soon somewhere and keep on doing your great work!
HannaMusic Therapist, Vienna - Austria
Flexibility, adaptivity and inclusiveness
Eleonora was my teacher throughout a month long 200hours YTTC (Yoga Teacher Trainer Course) in the month of May 2017. Now a days that yoga has fused with the Western world and our modern lives, it's so often one can experience ego, superficiality, competition and self-demanding attitudes in students and teachers within the yoga sphere. Eleonora stands out as a refreshing contrast to this; I experience her as a person and teacher with a high level of authenticity, sincerity and integrity with what she does. I appreciate her for bringing in encouragement of freeing oneself from the pressure and expectations that comes from modern society ; to not bring this pressure into the yoga practise, but rather move from a place of deeper internal values such as selflove, bodypositivity, acceptance and inclusiveness. Eleonora has the skill of maintaining flexibility, adaptability and inclusiveness with all levels and conditions of students whilst being a very advanced practioner herself. On top of this, she has an amazing understand of anatomy and alignment and good skills in sharing those in her classes. Thank you Eleoneora, for helping me understand that yoga indeed is an internal, intimate and inclusive practise and path of life, thank you for being the teacher and role model that I needed more than I thought.
Emilie K. PedersenLifeguard & Student, Copenhagen - Denmark
Train your mind and breath, and your body will follow
One of the most profound experiences I had this week during the retreat was developing my yoga practice. Over the years I've picked it up and laid it down numerous times; often finding it difficult to return to it. This week, we were instructed by a phenomenal teacher Eleonora Trani, who is a ``master`` herself and no doubt channeling those who came before her. Feeling fear and vulnerability due to health issues, I resisted initially with a long list of, 'I can't do that!' Her response to the class was, ``Of course you can't if you say you can't without trying`` Setting an intention/motivation, the individual attention given, and the group dynamic, had me feeling as if I was doing yoga for the first time. Never thought I'd be ``able`` to do yoga once a day, let alone twice! Train your mind and breath and your body will follow. Holistic way of being... happy, happy and enormously grateful to Eleonora.
Jennifer HayesMarriage & Family Therapist, Los Angeles - California
Practicing Yoga has changed me in many ways
Practicing yoga in the company has changed me in many ways. For example, taking that deep breath before answering an annoying question, or facing a stressful moment. It changes a lot of things. It's true that we all know it, but if you don't practice yoga and mindfulness, we always forget about it. I sleep better, and have to add that due to my age and after menopause, my sleep has became very light and I used to wake up very often at night. Now, although I wake up, I fall asleep once again. I have more facility to relax and let go. Physically, practicing yoga gives me a sensation of general well being. I feel much lighter. Everything is easier. Mentally, well, I'll just say that every time I remember how good I feel after a yoga class, I can't avoid talking about it with my people, and I always advise them to start practicing. I wish I'd started years ago!
PilarHead of Administration Department, Barcelona - Spain
Yoga is for Everyone!
Eleonora became my teacher for YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) and I couldn’t have be more glad that she did. Eleonora taught me the safest way to practice asana and progress but she also taught me that yoga doesn’t stop when you leave your mat, in fact it starts beyond it. I learnt more about yoga and mindfulness with her than I thought possible - her teachings are still with me in my personal practice. I enjoy yoga (asana) more now than I have ever before, the final pose has become irrelevant. Anyone can show poses for a students to follow, not everyone can teach you to become your own teacher. She guided me through a journey I didn’t know you needed and reminded me that yoga is for everyone.
LexieSurgeon, London - UK